At Jeffrey Law, P.A., we understand  that every case and client is unique. Efficient,  effective, and comprehensive  representation is best achieved through developing a carefully designed strategy, which is specifically tailored  to each case's  needs. Whether our client's goals can be achieved through a collaborative and low-impact process, or must be fought for through aggressive and effective litigation, we will  always proceed  in the best interests of our clients.   Our mission is to provide successful legal representation to our clients.  In doing so, we keep sight of the fact that the purpose of our representation is to help clients achieve their goals in a cost effective manner. 


We recognize that our clients are our biggest assets, which is why  they will always remain informed, educated, represented, and confident.  We value the privacy of our clients as if it was our own, and are experienced in navigating the seas of litigation while maintaining and promoting those privacy interests.  More, we have experience working with teams of forensic experts, including, without limitation, forensic certified public accountants, real and personal property valuators, business valuators, forensic psychologists, social investigators, and/or private investigators, to ensure that, when appropriate and necessary, our clients are armed with the evidence and experts necessary to advance their cases through trial.   


It is our privilege and honor to represent our clients throughout the State of Florida with utmost devotion, professionalism, compassion, and integrity--it is what they expect and deserve.  The foundations of a strong attorney-client relationship are built upon transparency and trust.  At Jeffrey Law, P.A., we promise that:

-All of our clients will have an attorney's personal cellular phone number in case of emergency;

-All messages are responded to within 24-hours, absent emergency;

-All clients always have the right to come to our office and meet with an attorney face-to-face;

-All clients will receive an itemized invoice every month, with our time broken down into 6-minute increments, and are free to ask any questions relative to same; 

-All clients are advised and consulted regarding case strategy, including cost-related issues and concerns;



-All clients have the right to an update on their case whenever they desire one.

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