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Courtney Erin Jeffrey

Courtney Erin Jeffrey

Office Manager And Paralegal

Location : Miami, FL


Courtney Jeffrey was born and raised in a small, mid-Michigan town. From a young age, she was very active and passionate about sports and exercise. Courtney has always had a strong work ethic and worked several jobs in retail including where she worked for seven years scooping ice cream, eventually managing Mooney’s Ice Cream, in Saginaw, Michigan. These are some of her fondest memories that shaped Courtney’s early career and entrepreneurial spirit. This determination helped Courtney pay her way through college and set a path to developing her career and discovering her passion. A childhood divorce in Courtney’s family sparked her interest in the legal field, and Courtney knew, from an early age, that she wanted to help others through difficult and traumatic experiences in their lives.

After college, in 2011, Courtney moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where she eventually began her career in the legal industry. Courtney’s first job as a legal assistant was at a large, high-volume, personal injury firm in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. There, Courtney managed all aspects of over 180 pre-litigation cases, including client communications.  These cases were not just files to Courtney, and she began to develop an understanding of how personal attention, caring, and relationships can improve a client’s experience during difficult times.  After moving to Miami, Florida, in January of 2014, Courtney began working at a personal injury defense litigation firm, in Coral Gables.  Married in 2015 to her husband and business partner, Courtney decided to focus on the area of law that first sparked her interest in the field – family law.  Courtney now spends her days focusing on her passion and helping clients get through what is often the most difficult of times. She manages the firm as Office Manager and enjoys sharing her entrepreneurial spirit of a baking/ice cream business on the side.  Some things never change, like her energy, determination and free spirit to be best at whatever Courtney sets out to accomplish. Courtney’s hobbies include sports, exercise, baking, making ice cream and enjoying time with her husband and their Cock-a-Poo dog named Cookie.