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Mr. Robert Jeffrey came highly recommended to me from great friends, and I am so glad that I took their advice and hired him for my divorce case.

He is an excellent professional, his knowledgeable about family law is outstanding, and he is surrounded by an exceptional team that will work with you to expedite things and get them done.

I am forever grateful for all of his assistance, and his guidance throughout my difficult divorce event, where my ex-husband wanted everything plus my retirement and alimony. I have heard horror stories about divorce cases, friends that had years of fighting and spent thousands of dollars, that I was astonished to see my case resolved in less than 4 months thanks to Mr. Jeffrey.

I feel blessed that I had him as my lawyer, and I highly recommend him and his firm.

RG, July 22, 2021

I can’t say enough good things about RJ / Robert Jeffrey Law. From the beginning, he made me feel at ease and listened to my situation. He has an easy manner and at the same time demonstrates confidence and professionalism. He and his staff were always attentive and responded quickly to any inquiries I had. The process from beginning to end took half of the time an average divorce takes. Needless to say, this helped make the legal costs less as well as shortening the stress of the situation. Additionally, with his advisement, he facilitated a reasonable settlement that has helped me get started with a new life without financial hardship. I highly recommend RJ / Robert Jeffrey Law.

BC, July 27, 2021