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Marriage is more than love—it is a financial partnership and contract, the terms of which are written by legislators in statutes.  As with the dissolution of business partnerships, when couples decide to divorce, untangling the financial web that binds them can lead to extensive and undesirable litigation. From our office in Miami, Jeffrey Law, PA, helps clients created effective prenuptial agreements to protect their future.

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Many professional couples desire to dictate their own contractual and partnership terms, themselves, before the marriage and while the couple is content and in agreement.  These individuals should strongly consider a pre-marital agreement, also known as a prenuptial agreement or antenuptial agreement.   In a pre-marital agreement, the couple can address future rights relating to property ownership, alimony, and estate planning issues. There are certain things that Florida law will not allow a pre-marital agreement to address.

Divorce is hard enough, without engaging in legal arguments and litigation that would have been avoided with a well-drafted contract entered into during an amicable relationship.  Developing a fair plan beforehand helps couples mitigate the undesirable stress and expense associated with litigation.  Similarly, a married couple may desire to enter into a post-marital agreement.  An experienced family law attorney is necessary to ensure that your pre-marital or post-marital agreement is drafted correctly, and under circumstances promoting enforceability of same.  At Jeffrey Law, PA, not only have we prepared pre-marital and post-marital agreements for extremely wealthy individuals, but we have litigated them as well.

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