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Can You Obtain Alimony Or Child Support In Florida Without Seeking Divorce?

| Jan 14, 2019 | Firm News

Sometimes, individuals who are separated, and in need of help, still do not desire or are not ready for a divorce. Pursuant to Florida law, a spouse can seek an award of spousal support, or child support, without seeking a divorce. § 61.09, Florida Statute, provides:

If a person having the ability to contribute to the maintenance of his or her spouse and support of his or her minor child fails to do so, the spouse who is not receiving support may apply to the court for alimony and for support for the child without seeking dissolution of marriage, and the court shall enter an order as it deems just and proper.”

§ 61.09, Fla. Stat.

From a plain reading of the statute, there is no requirement that either party be at fault to obtain a support award, and the parties do not even necessarily have to be separated. In order to seek alimony without a dissolution of marriage, there are a few important considerations. First, support has to be needed by the spouse requesting it, and it has to have been denied by the defendant. If the Court finds that the respondent is in fact providing necessary support, it may decide to dismiss the petition but it can reserve jurisdiction to enter an award at a later time, when it becomes necessary. While there is no 6-month residency requirement for seeking support, unlike a dissolution of marriage action, the Court must still obtain personal jurisdiction over the proposed respondent. While the concept of alimony unconnected with dissolution of marriage is more fluid and is based upon need for support and ability to pay support, there is far less judicial discretion in awarding child support, which is nearly always calculated pursuant to the Florida Child Support Guidelines (with the possibility of deviation).

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